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Is your joint venture technology optimised for success?

In the dynamic landscape of innovative sectors (such as Science, Clean energy and engineering) joint ventures often represent strategic alliances aimed at driving innovation and growth.

As these partnerships evolve, the deployment of cloud technology emerges as a pivotal tool to enhance collaborative efforts, streamline operations and safeguard valuable assets.

By leveraging the cloud, joint ventures can transcend traditional limitations, fostering a more interconnected, efficient, and secure collaborative environment.

Benefits of leveraging Cloud Technology within JV's (Joint Ventures):

  • Collaboration Efficiency: Cloud technology enables seamless and instant sharing of data and research findings, enhancing collaboration between partners and separate entities.

  • Operational Agility: By using the scalable resources of the cloud, joint ventures can quickly adapt to changes in project requirements.

  • Cost Efficiency: With the cloud's pay-as-you-go model, joint ventures can significantly reduce operational and IT infrastructure costs.

  • Data Protection: By leverages the Microsoft Cloud joint ventures can leverage robust security measures and technology, ensuring the safety of shared intellectual property.

  • Accessibility: Cloud technology ensures that data and research findings can be accessed from anywhere, facilitating remote collaboration.

  • Scalability: The cloud can easily adapt to the growing needs of the joint venture, allowing for effortless expansion of team capabilities.

Are your teams + company technology working in synergy within your joint venture for maximum results?

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The labdesk team are Microsoft trained and always available when you need us.


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We put your team, business + data's protection at the forefront of every technology service.


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We provide managed + co-managed IT that can flex, pivot and evolve to keep your business innovating.

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Allow your teams to access systems, data and applications faster and accelerate results.


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Your IT + technology should be an asset to support growth, not a burden. We give you more control over your business.


Highly scalable

Scale your technology with ease, to support business + team demands.


Communication is key

Your business is YOUR TEAM - We provide an extension to your resources and always available to talk.


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We keep your team productive + secure, even when on the move. We provide technology that brings teams closer.


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For our UK partners our technical teams and consultants are UK based. The team are located across the UK with hubs based close to key innovative sector locations including Birchwood Park, Daresbury Science Park & Harwell Science + Space campus.

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