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Increase productivity

 Microsoft Copilot can help save time on repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as writing, editing, summarising, and formatting documents, creating spreadsheets, and designing presentations. By using Copilot for these tasks, employees can produce more engaging work in less time.


Enhance creativity

Copilot can help employees unlock their creativity by providing new ideas and perspectives, different styles and tones of writing to help employees find the right language and voice for their communications, and suggesting different ways to present data. For example, Copilot can suggest different visualisations and ways to present large volumes of data.

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Improve skillsets

Copilot can provide suggestions and feedback on writing, data analysis, and presentation skills, helping employees to improve their abilities and gain new insights and ideas. Leveraging information from across the full range of Microsoft 365 apps, with Copilot, you can improve your writing style, analyse and explore data, create stunning presentations, streamline your email communication, and work more effectively with your team.

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