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Why labdesk?

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the labdesk why

enabling innovative teams with technology to make an impact

We are a forward-thinking technology company, committed to empowering innovative teams to make a substantial impact with the work they do. We harness the power of cloud technology to provide solutions that boost productivity, cultivate creativity, and drive the realisation of vision into action for our partners.

Our mission is simple; to enable, enhance, and inspire your team's capability to make a transformational difference in the sectors you operate.

Our team lives by our x4 core values:

  • MAKE AN IMPACT - Innovate, drive value & exceed expectations 
  • PARTNER FIRST- Obsessed with partner experience 
  • GET IT DONE - Drive excellence & do what it takes to get the job done  
  • OWNERSHIP - Take ownership, be accountable and do the right thing 
We understand your challenges

Sectors we work with

We focus our solutions helping innovative teams, sectors & their supply chains - From start-ups to x500 user organisations, we can assess, recommend, implement & manage a secure cloud & IT platform for your teams.





Complimenting your capabilities

Teams that love us

labdesk can act as your fully managed cloud partner, or as an extension to compliment your existing internal IT rockstars.

Teams within innovative sectors

IT Managers & internal IT Teams

Science & Technology Business Parks

Start-ups & Incubators

How we help

The labdesk Formula

We put your team & business experience first, backed by secure sustainable cloud technology.

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Experience Level Agreement

The traditional method of delivering IT & Cloud is dead - labdesk believes a successful cloud platform and partnership should put the people, teams and their experience first. We start with your teams user experience & objectives and build a secure cloud environment to support theirs and the organisations mission.



& Co-managed cloud

Once we have defined objectives and desired experience for the teams and the organisation we can then assess, recommend, build and manage a Microsoft Cloud environment. We believe that cloud technology should be leveraged to improve your team's experience and advance the outcomes of their work. 



Protecting your teams, data & business

With the pace of business, technology and science increasing and ever evolving, it is crucial your teams are kept safe and productive. labdesk can ensure your teams and data are protected with our managed support and cyber security stack that has been specifically built and modelled for the sectors you work in.



Want to learn more?

Get in touch today, our friendly labdesk team would love to discuss your business, hear about your team and learn about your challenges...